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Soiree Rose


“Soiree” is a luxurious wide-width fabric featuring a mesmerizing brush design, perfect for drapery and a variety of other soft furnishing projects. With its generous width, Soiree is particularly well-suited for creating stunning table linens that add elegance and charm to any dining experience. Whether draped gracefully over windows or adorning tables with sophistication, Soiree brings a touch of refinement to any space it graces, making it the ideal choice for those seeking to elevate their interior decor with timeless style.



Discover our new premier collection offering the widest selection of sheer fire-resistant fabrics certified for both commercial and residential use. With 24 captivating patterns available in a spectrum of hues, Celestial allows you to elevate your space with style and safety in mind.




Indulge in the allure of the Socrates Collection – an embroidery marvel seamlessly woven into our coveted Lino fabric. Offering a choice of four distinctive patterns and a palette of nine refined shades, this collection, crafted from a premium linen blend, is designed specifically for enhancing drapery.


A sophisticated faux leather, fortified with an advanced antibacterial and anti-fungal protective finish. Crafted with a surface content of 100% polycarbonate PU and a backing of 100% polyester, this material strikes a perfect balance of style and durability. Tailored for a wide range of settings, including commercial spaces, hospitality venues, residential interiors, and RV design, the Matinee Collection sets a new standard in both aesthetic and functionality. Elevate your space with this innovative and versatile material. Matinee faux leather with built-in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection.



Provato is a resilient boucle fabric, boasting high abrasion resistance, making it an optimal choice for upholstery in high-traffic areas. Enhanced with a stain and soil-resistant finish, this fabric ensures durability while maintaining a pristine appearance. Versatile for both commercial and residential use, Provato combines functionality with style for lasting appeal in upholstery applications.


Introducing the Sun Zero Collection: This double-sided blackout fabric excels at blocking out sunlight, providing a tranquil environment. It boasts impressive temperature control and sound absorption capabilities, enhancing comfort. Compliant with both Canadian and US fire codes, it guarantees safety. Additionally, it’s primed for custom designs, offering a versatile canvas for your creative vision. Ideal for a wide range of settings including commercial, hospitality, healthcare, and residential spaces, the Sun Zero Collection seamlessly combines functionality and style to elevate any environment.



Experience the allure of Knossos, a chenille fabric featuring the timeless Chevron pattern. Its popularity stems from its versatility, making it a perfect choice to infuse interest and texture into a variety of projects. Elevate your creations with sophistication by incorporating the Chevron motif, whether it’s for upholstery, chic accent pillows, or stylish beddings – Knossos adds a touch of refined elegance to every application.


Introducing the Teddy Collection: Embracing its French roots, “bouclé” refers to the delightful curling or looping of fibers, creating a distinctive texture. This fabric, with its diverse loops, lends a unique touch to any upholstery project, particularly well-suited for asymmetrical pieces like sofas, armchairs, and ottomans. Bouclé textiles are known for their minimal liquid absorption, and this fabric is no exception. Furthermore, it boasts a stain-resistant finish, ensuring both style and practicality in one luxurious package. Elevate your furniture with the Teddy Collection’s plush and functional allure.



Indulge in the opulence of Resort, a luxurious sheer collection boasting 12 timeless patterns, all elegantly curated in neutral shades. Safety takes center stage with its FR 701 Certification, making it an ideal choice for both commercial spaces and residential settings. Elevate your surroundings with the sheer sophistication of Resort.